illy Italian Headquarters - Trieste Bay

Summer Internship in Italy

Trieste sits in an enclave of Italian land attached to the country only by an isthmus of territory that at times is just a few kilometres wide. Geography, frontiers and positioning are more important to Trieste, its people (the triestini) and their history than almost anywhere else in Europe. Nowhere in Italy is quite like it. [from The Escapist, Monocle 2015]

illy will award the Coffee-Hack winners with an unprecedented opportunity to learn and put their hands-on the coffee industry in Italy.

Through a two-month Summer internship*, you can make even a greater impact by leading the change from within.

*Substitutable with a 1,000 USD monetary prize for the winning team.

Coffee, of course!


Francesco Illy ushered in a new age for fine coffee in 1935 with his illetta machine: the first espresso system to employ separate heat and pressure functions, making better (not burnt-tasting) espresso an expectation rather than random event. His legacy of innovation lives in every machine illy designs today: where precise engineering melds form and function, seamlessly and beautifully.

During the two Coffee-Hacks participants can also succeed in winning contests and special mentions.

Come get and discover the product innovation behind the iconic FrancisFrancis! espresso machines, the illy Monoarabica and the ready-to-drink illy issimo.